People who manage public facilities and spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic have lots of new questions that artificial intelligence and computer vision technology could help answer, such as:

• Are people maintaining safe social distancing?
• How many people are wearing face masks?
• How many people are entering at Shopping?

Health Control (HC) By Nervic

HC by Nervic is an AI powered Covid-19 prevention healthcare compliance assistant

Stores and workplaces eager to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus are equipping with artificial intelligence software and hardware (cameras and CPU/GPU) that can track compliance with health guidelines including social distancing, counting people and mask-wearing.

HC by Nervic algorithms

HCN's algorithms analyse feeds from existing CCTV cameras or through our processing hardware to provide real-time data on the number of people in an area, detecting people using face mask and whether safe distances are maintained between them.

The control panel offers infomation such as: the number of people in a facility or public space; whether people are following social distancing policies; when and where cleaning staff should clean based on the surfaces people have been using; and the number of people passing through a scene that are wearing face masks.

Data privacy is important to us

Our AI product does not store people's faces or data while respecting their privacy. The data provided in the Control Panel is in real time, therefore, it is not necessary to store people's faces, achieving an anonymous and secure product.

You can offer your clients important information about the health status of your shops. For this reason, we are helping shops implement applications that can help provide their customers with crucial information on store occupancy and queue wait times.

HC by Nervic is operated by micromputer or embeded systems

The hardware used is a new generation single board computer for image processing and artificial intelligence solutions without taking up space on the infrastructure.

The application scenarios are limitless: Warehouses, constructions sites, transportation lounges, retail shops, public areas, hospitals, shoppings, airports, prisons, educational institutions, fitness center, restaurants, etc.


Face mask detector

The use of computer vision and AI techniques for today's problems has arrived. A good example is the mask detector. We use neural networks to recognize whether or not a person is wearing a protective mask.

Social Distancing Detector

Social distancing implies that people should physically distance themselves from one another, reducing close contact, and thereby reducing the spread of a contagious disease. We use AI and image processing techniques in order to calculate the social distancing.

Counting people

Counting the people who enter the Shopping mall (or store) has become very important to maintain a limited number of customers to preserve social distance and avoid possible contagion. We use AI and image processing techniques to build this software solution.



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